Yule is the ancient name in the Germanic lunar calendar for a winter festival corresponding to December and January. Later, yule referred to the twelve-day holiday associated with the Feast of the

January is often considered the month for deep reflection. We look back at the year behind us, bemoaning our regrets and celebrating our successes. And then, we look forward to the future

We may struggle all we want. Scream, Fight, Scratch, Bind, Push, Pull… but we won’t change anything by much. 

Laws govern everything. 

From exciting the particles of simple Atoms, and the comeliness of a face; to the organization of the Nine realms, and the successes of a people, they are all branded by Laws. 

These laws do not bend. 

The names of the days are in some cases derived from Teutonic deities or, such as in Romance languages, from Roman deities. The early Romans, around the first century, used Saturday as the first day of the week.